My Etne sweater in alpaca and mohair

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Størrelse: Blue size XS -S/M

My Etne sweater is inspired by the beautiful nature with steep mountains.

This sweater is not oversized, so if you want more positive ease you should go up 1 size, especially in size XS. Check the bust width.

The blue version I'm wearing is size XS (and the one in sage green), the brown version is knitted in size S/M. I usually wear size S. 

It is knitted in 1 thread Drops Air alpaca together with 1 thread Ingenua mohair.

Sizes XS (S/M) L (XL) XXL

Bust width 90 (100) 110 (120) 130 cm

Length 53 (54) 56 (57) 58 cm

Needles  Circular needle 7 mm and 9 mm, 40 and 80 or 100 cm

Gauge On 9 mm needle: 11 stitches = 10 cm

Sleeve: 42 (43) 43 (44) 44 cm from under sleeve

DARK GREEN VARIANT: comes with its own pattern due to a different gauge.


*Gauge is 11 stitches per 10 cm, plus 1-2 mm. This is because the yarn Mitu is used together with Drops Air which is used in the other subjects of the sweater. The sizes have therefore changed in relation to the other colours. Check the excess for the desired size. Due to the running meter and the yarn Mitu, the green model will be somewhat more expensive.

If you want to knit it a bit longer, you need more yarn like this:

Size S: Ingenua dark green, possibly 1 ball of Mitu 1900 if you are going to knit it a bit longer

Size M: 1 ball Mitu 1900

Bust width 88 (99) 109 (119) 130 cm

Length 58 (59) 60 (60) 61 cm

Needles    Circular needle 7 mm and 9 mm, 40 and 80 or 100 cm

Gauge.   On needle 9 mm: 11+ stitches = 10 cm

Sleeve: 43 (44) 44 (44) 45 cm from under sleeve

Material : Mitu together with Ingenua mohair

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