30% discount, My fall sweater with a hint of gold, alpaca version

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Farge: Size XS/S col orche
Størrelse: XS/S

This sweater is knitted in alpaca and mohair. On photo I wear size XS/S. The sweater is somewhat large in size, so check the desired width before ordering.

This is a short model, and if you want a longer sweater, you can knit more rounds with the same color after the ribb. 1 round is aproximately 1 cm. You can add a ball of Baby alpaca Air beige which has been added to the side.

Sizes :                XS/S (M/L) XL/XXL

Length:                54 (56) 60 cm

Sleeves:              Approx 45 (48) 48 cm

Width:                  107 (120) 133 cm

Gauge:                On needle 12 mm: 9 stitches=10 cm  

Needles:               Needle 10 mm and 12 mm, 40 and 80 cm

Sleeve length:      46-50 cm 

Yarn quality:          Baby Alpaca Air together with Ingenua mohair

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