My Fallvest in Drops Snow

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Størrelse: Str XS-S

My Fall vest with a hint of gold is knitted in Drops Snow to provide a more affordable alternative to My Autumn vest in alpaca.

Sizes:                XS/S (M/L) XL/XXL

Length:              Front piece 50-52-54 cm back piece. 54-56-58 cm

Armhole depth:  Approx. 30-30-32 cm

Width:                 92-102-118 cm, this vest should fit, and does not have much positive ease.

Gauge:                On needle 10 mm: 10.5 stitches=10 cm 

Needles:              Needle 8 mm and 10 mm,  40 and 80 cm, I always use circular needles, also when I knit back and forth

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