Visnes sweater

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Størrelse: Beige 26 - size 2XS (XS) S

The Visnes sweater is finally here!

It was a great honor to be asked if I would design a Visnes sweater! I went on a tour at the Visnes mines and got the story of Charles de France who was the engineer during the heyday there. He drew patterns by hand so that the working ladies could weave.

I have tried to recreate his patterns for knitting. It was also important for me to include the copper color of the Statue of Liberty, which was unveiled in 1886 with copper from Visnes, the staircases in the mines and the colors used in his work.

Comes in 2 colours, light beige and beige. 

I am wearing size S in both colors and I usually wear size S.

If you want a longer sweater, I recommend more yarn in size S and 2XL. 

Sizes         2XS (XS) S (M/L) XL (2XL)       one size goes over 2 sizes

Bust width  80 (90) 100 (110) 120 (130) cm

Sleeves:     47 (48) 48 (49) 49 (50) cm from under sleeve

Length        49 (51) 53 (56) 58 (60) cm from neckline

Needles      Circular needle 7 and 9 mm, 40 and 80 possibly 100 cm

Gauge         On needles 9 mm:  12 stitches = 10 cm

Material:       1 thread Drops Air together with 1 thread Ingenua mohair.

Colors rust and yellow are knitted with double Air